How to know your python code is PEP8 compliant?

Everyday, I am learning new things about this awesome language. One amongst the great things it offers is its readability and how it is ingrained in its syntax. It really makes newbies write readable code. This post is about how to know whether your code is PEP8 compliant. PEP8 is the standard code styling guide followed by python developers worldwide.

  1. Install the command-line program pep8
    $ pip install pep8
  2. Execute it for the python file, you want to check, to get the code violations. E.g.
    $ pep8 W191 indentation contains tabs W191 indentation contains tabs W191 indentation contains tabs E501 line too long (91 > 79 characters)

That’s it! Its as simple as that (simplicity – another great feature of python). You can run it on all of your files together (or on a series of files) :

  $ pep8 *.py

Disadvantage: It will give a long list of violations if you are new to python. I recommend running it after every python file you write. Its more manageable that way. Once you are experienced enough, then the above technique will be helpful since the number of violations would be lesser.

Python Guide: Code Style