Matter over Mind in Machine Learning

Love the points made by the writer based on Dr. Kiri Wagstaff’s paper – Machine Learning that Matters

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I am fortunate enough to have had a number of conversations with Dr. Kiri Wagstaff of NASA’s JPL on a number of occasions (you might as well get the jokes about “not having to be a rocket scientist to understand machine learning” out of the way right now).

Matter over Mind in Machine Learning

Wagstaff is a brilliant scientist.  On top of that, and fortunately for all of us, she works very “close to the data”, using her machine learning expertise to solve important problems that directly impact people other than machine learning researchers.  This closeness to the data is somewhat rare among machine learning experts but is becoming more and more common.  Our own chief scientist Tom Dietterich is a pioneer in computational sustainability and ecosystem informatics.  Another acquaintance of mine, Rayid Ghani, left a lucrative position at Accenture Research to head up President Obama’s vaunted data analytics team.

At the 2012…

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